A Voice for Non-Believers

The Massacre of Charlie the Atheist

By:B.W.Ellis For the purposes of this discussion the personal confessional preferences of the now brutally slaughtered cartoonists, journalists, and staff of the Paris based Charlie Hebdo magazine is irrelevant. For the sake of their profession, these cartoonists and journalists were […]

The Ongoing Separation of the Absurd

By: B.W. Ellis A lively and ever increasingly diverse debate is raging on the connection of ISIS and the whole of Islam. While the President has inferred that no such relationship exists others such as Bill Maher have suggested a […]

Why Are We So Silent?

By: BrettEllis      When I was growing up in the 1980’s I learned about political action from the campaign to end Apartheid in South Africa. Granted I learned it from the second Lethal Weapon movie, but I learned about […]

Celebrate not the Harvest

By: B.W.Ellis We toil and trouble over the minutia of our day, Spend hours working and striving, making our way. Yet we hold within us a joy that is seldom seen, The moments in our life that live far and […]