A Voice for Non-Believers

TLAA RADIO SHOW #004 – SciFi to Disbelief

Originally Aired: 9-1-2017 For the hour I listen to a selection of soundtracks from some of my favorite SciFi movies and TV series and relating how some of the influences informed my non-believing perspective.

Are Religious Schools Safe?

By: B.W. Ellis      Over the decades we have all learned the painful lessons about trusting institutions of religion. We see the scam artists and the faith healers, the false claims of the end of the world and the […]

A Second Great Purge

By: B.W. Ellis      One of the things that capture the imagination about politics is how thoughts and ideas can be turned into life altering realities over both short and long time spans. It’s more than a little scary […]

An Argument for Core Competency

By: B. W. Ellis The Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this July is a wonderful opportunity for many things. It’s a place to meet others of like mind and to convince still more of a different perspective to alter their […]