Celebrate not the Harvest

By: B.W.Ellis

We toil and trouble over the minutia of our day,
Spend hours working and striving, making our way.
Yet we hold within us a joy that is seldom seen,
The moments in our life that live far and few between.

We hold our brief scrap of fun, our ability to find elation,
For a single part of a day when we get our congratulation.
Whether it be the money in our hand or client who gives us their best,
From time to time we allow ourselves to celebrate the harvest.

Funny that we don’t always celebrate the things in between,
The planting of a seed that finally feeds us in times of lean.
The constant drum of the usual day gets the job done
But not at the cost of something as important as fun.

So I ask you today to not celebrate the harvest alone,
but all the episodes that test you in ways unknown.
The hazardous and simplistic that jump up in your way
Can be shed without care at the end of each day.

It’s through celebration of the things that you do in your routine,
That can keep you from looking all chewed up by the machine.
So celebrate all you do or find something to better be,
Time is short, life is brief, a hard lesson to learn especially for me.

The spirit moved me this to discuss this in rhyme,
And I thank you all so much for giving me your time.