About Me

My name is Brett W. Ellis. I choose the abbreviation B.W. Ellis for two reasons. First, when my parents named me they liked the way the initials looked. My mother made a point to explain how she always envisioned my initials being my pen name, so in honor of her vision and the passion of her voice that inspires me to this day, I use B.W. Ellis as my sobriquet. Secondly, I want to avoid conflict and/or confusion with Bret Easton Ellis, a writer I have much respect for.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Photography and Motion Picture Sciences and continued education in Graphic Design, Computer Programming, and Print Production. I have degrees in programming from several technology manufacturers as well as Adobe Expert Certifications in Photoshop, Illustrator, and several other programs.

An accomplished web, print, and video graphic designer, I have also written technical manuals, website content, and articles on technology and politics. I am a California native currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have been with my wife Karen for the last 17 years and we have two cats, all our children are furry with paws. I enjoy building metal models, riding my mountain bike, martial arts, and going to the movies.